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    “A struggle with addiction, a failed marriage, and a longing to make things right for a child's sake are just a few things that pull at the heartstrings in this well-written novel of failure and redemption.”

    Marcia Laycock

    Alberta, Canada

    I'm thankful for You, my reader

    Yes, this is a story of "failure and redemption." Can you relate? I can. We're all human. We all fail. The trick is realizing there's hope--there's a way out. That's where my protagonist gets stuck. Maybe you're stuck there too--or you know someone who's stuck there. If so, this novel's for you, because there IS redemption.

    Or, maybe you're just looking for an entertaining summer read. Come. Join Ethan on a journey far from the familiar, wherever that is for you this summer.

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    Archaeology research in Southern Alberta

    Connie Mae Inglis grew up in the small town of Borden, Saskatchewan--the perfect setting for a girl with a vivid imagination and a penchant for the curious.

    She met Doug, her husband, while studying to be a linguist/translator for Wycliffe Bible Translators. They, along with their three children, spent many years living and working in Southeast Asia with minority language groups.

    Connie and Doug now live in Edmonton. They spend half the year there, enjoying their children and grandchildren, and half their time in Thailand, continuing their translation and cross-cultural training work.